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Auctioneer License Application

Instructions for Auctioneer License Application Form:

1. Name of applicant: individual, corporation, LLC, association or all partners’ names. 
2. Intended auctioneer/business/trade name. A second name may be used. The use of more than three business names will cost an additional $10.00 fee which must accompany the license fee and application. Any business other than your individual name or the corporation name must be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State at (614) 466-3910. Submit copy of certificate of trade name registration.
3. Business address of applicant: This must be an actual physical address, box number, or rural route number, not a post office box number.
4. Bank accounts: You are required, under licensing laws, section 4707.024 of the Revised Code to maintain a client bank account into which all sales proceeds should be deposited within 72 hours from the date of the auction. The bank account should be used only for depositing sale proceeds
into and paying consigner/owners, your commission and other expenses directly related to sale and specified in the contract. Your personal or other business funds should never be commingled with these funds. Account number must be given.