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Auction Firm License Application

Anyone who provides auction services as defined in R.C. 4707.01 who is not otherwise licensed under Chapter 4707 of the Ohio Revised Code. An Auction Firm cannot sell real property at auction

Required Forms to Apply

Below is a listing of the three required forms to be completed for an auction firm license.

1. Auction Firm Application form

2. Auction Firm Bond form

Must be bonded in the favor of the State of Ohio

3. Police Waiver 

Other Requirements

Every applicant for an auction firm license shall furnish to the department, on forms provided by the department, satisfactory proof that the applicant: 
A. Is in good standing with the secretary of state if the applicant is a corporation; 
B. Is of trustworthy character; 
C. Is registered with the secretary of state or a local authority, as applicable, to do business in this state; 
D. Has complied with any other requirement that the director establishes in rules adopted under section 4707.19 of the Revised Code; 
E. Has a general knowledge of the requirements of the Revised Code and the general principles regarding auctions, auctioneering, and auction management;
F. Has provided proof of financial responsibility in the amount of fifty thousand dollars in the form of a surety bond, an irrevocable letter of credit, or cashbond; 
G. Employs a firm manager as required under division (D) of R.C. 4707.074.


You must have the following on file prior to being scheduled for examination.

1. Properly completed application, printed or typed.
2. For all applicants, a surety bond is required as a part of licensure. The bond must be written in the exact name that is stated on line numbers 1 and 2 of AUCTION FIRM APPLICATION. BONDS MUST HAVE A BOND NUMBER AND BE SIGNED. Bond amount must be in the amount of $50,000.00.
3. A check or money order payable to Treasurer, State of Ohio, in the amount of $115.00 ($100.00 licensing fee and $15.00 for the examination fee). If your firm manager is a licensed auctioneer, enclose only $100.00.

After all forms and proofs have been filed and if you meet the requirements, you will be notified, by mail, of the date, time and place of examination, if applicable. The examination is given monthly. All forms must be on file no later than 14 days prior to the exam in order to be seated. Your license will be issued if you meet all the requirements and the firm manager passes the examination.

The most recent version of the Book of Auctioneer Laws and Rules is available here. Hard Copies are not available at this time.

Please make check or money order out to the Treasurer, State of Ohio. 

Licensing Period

July 1 to June 30

Annual Fee

Annual Renewal Fee is $100.00. Firm Manager Exam Fee is $15.00

Additional Information

For all applicants, a surety bond is required as a part of licensure. The bond must be written in the exact name that is stated on line numbers 1 and 2 of AUCTION FIRM
APPLICATION. BONDS MUST HAVE A BOND NUMBER AND BE SIGNED. Bond amountmust be in the amount of $50,000.00. 

Documentation of legal existence must accompany applications. (Partnerships and associations must be filed with the County Recorder).

Out of State Corporations must apply with the Ohio Secretary of State as a foreign corporation. Documentation of authorization required.

Police Record Check on officers, partners, members of the company: No police record check is required if the record check on file is less than six months.

CHECKS PAYABLE: Treasurer State of Ohio. For applicants requiring examination, the application must be on file with the department 14 days in advance of the exam. You
will be notified by mail on the date, time and place to appear.