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Shipping During Hot Weather Months

The ‘dog days of summer’ are here! While the sunshine is perfect for lounging by the pool or firing up the grill for a backyard barbecue, the prolonged heat is not so great for some of our more temperature-sensitive samples. Before shipping samples to the laboratory, don’t forget to check the weather! Here are a few things to consider while packing up your samples this summer:

  • It’s hot in those trucks! Add an extra ice pack or two for temperature-sensitive samples and ensure that they are packed close enough to the samples to keep them cold.
  • Some occasional shipping delays have been observed due to COVID-19. Pack samples in insulated Styrofoam boxes with a cardboard outer box to keep samples safe and cool for longer in case your samples are delayed.
  • Melting ice packs sweat – a lot! Be sure to include absorbent material in your packaging and protect submission forms inside a sealed plastic bag.

Use plenty of ice packs and absorbant material when you ship your specimens in an insulated cooler.

If you have any questions about shipping your samples, please call the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at 614-728-6220 and visit our Submission Information webpage for more information.

Rose Blocker, RVT, Central Receiving