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Updated Poultry Submission Form Now Available
Updated Poultry Submission Form Now Available

In order to continuously improve our service, the ADDL sought input from our poultry clients and updated our Poultry Submission Form. Notable improvements include:

- Premise Barcode is to be placed in the designated 'Premise Barcode' box at the TOP of the form;

- UPDATED 'Species' section, including Chicken, Turkey, Waterfowl, Upland Game Bird, Sub-Part E, and Miscellaneous options;

- UPDATED 'Specimens' (previously 'Type of Sample') section, including Serum, Egg, Fluff, Papers, Drag Swab, Cloacal Swab, Choanal Swab, Tracheal Swab, and Other;

- NEW 'Reason for Submission', including Qualification, Health Monitoring, Movement, and Diagnostic/Sick Birds

These updates reflect the current needs of our commercial and backyard flock customers. You can find the new Poultry Submission Form on our website.