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Employee Updates

The ADDL recently welcomed two new additions to the team: Ashley Sawyer joined the Molecular Diagnostics Lab and Mary Ellen Sullivan is our new Pathology Assistant. Dr. Dominika Jurkovic was also promoted to Laboratory Scientist 3 in the Bacteriology Lab.

L to R: Mary Ellen Sullivan, Ashley Sawyer, Dr. Dominika Jurkovic

Dominika graduated from Marietta College in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. In 2012 she completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Microbiology at Miami University researching pathogenesis of Mycoplasma infections. For the past 5 years as a Laboratory Scientist 2 in Bacteriology, she has developed excellent bacterial culture and identification skills to provide our clients with accurate and timely results. Dominika enjoys running, hiking, and photography in her free time.

Ashley received her Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry at Wright State University. She then graduated with an MS in genetics, cell and molecular biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016. Ashley’s research focus was in neurovirology, discovering that Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus infects neurons and oligodendrocytes and may be using the human brain as a latent reservoir (PMCID: PMC5853869). Her laboratory experience encompasses environmental microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, virology, and analytical chemistry. In her spare time, Ashley likes to spend time with her fiancé and two daughters, travel (she traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon for a course in undergrad), sing, and read classic literature and primary science articles.

Mary Ellen graduated from University of Findlay with a Bachelor's degree in 2012. She worked and shadowed for many small and large animal hospitals and an equine surgeon as a veterinary assistant after graduation. In December 2019 Mary Ellen graduated from Columbus State's Veterinary Technician Program. During her last five months of school she interned in ADDL's Pathology Section. Mary Ellen is taking the VNTE this spring to be certified as a Veterinary Technician. She recently adopted a separation anxiety dog, named Ace, who is a clinic dog during work days at Amanda Animal Hospital. In her spare time Mary Ellen loves to go on walks with Ace, read, and play video games.