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Ohio Registered Service Person List

This will enable you to see if a person is registered to work on various devices in Ohio. Please click 'download' to access the list.

Codes are as follows:

RR - Railroad
HOP - Hopper
CR - Crane
BC - Belt Conveyor
LCP - Large Capacity Scale (Greater than 40K)
PL - Platform
MC - Medium Capacity Scale
LS - Livestock Scale
AN - Animal Scale
BEN - Bench Scale
COM - Computing Scale
II - Class II
I - Class I
MFD - Motor Fuel Dispenser
KD - Kerosene Dispenser
HFD - High Flow Diesel
VTM - Vehicle Tank Meter
LPG - Liquid Propane Meter
BRM - Bulk Rack Meter
ACM - Agri-Chemical Meter
GMM - Grain Moisture Meter
CNG/LNG - Compressed Natural Gas - Liquid Natural Gas
DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid
GRA - Gravimetric
H - Hydrogen