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Soil and Water Conservation Forms

Each section below contains links to individual pages containing the listed downloadable form. Click on the "download" button on each resources page to acquire the item. 

Agricultural Pollution Abatement

Agricultural Pollution Abatement Complaint Flowchart

Board of Supervisor Elections

SWCD Supervisor Election Forms and Guidance - 2020:


SWCD Election Designee Guidance
Quick Reference Guide to New Election Forms
EL-1 Statement of Candidacy
EL-2 Candidate Petition Form
EL-3 Candidate Submission
EL-4 Election Legal Notice
EL-5 Election Registry
EL-6 Election Result Form
EL-7 Oath of Office Form
Election Frequently Asked Questions
Election Process and Procedures
SWCD Supervisor Election Timeline Calculator
2020 Ballot


Election Training Presentation

Conservation Works of Improvement

Request for Assistance for Conservation Works of Improvement - CWI-1

Conservation Farm Family Awards

2019 Ohio Conservation Farm Family Awards

Ohio Conservation Partnership Roster

2020 Ohio Conservation Partnership Roster