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Ohio FieldWatch Registries
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About the Ohio FieldWatch Registries

The first version of the Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry (OSCR) was developed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and launched in March 2014. Four years later, in March 2018, Ohio partnered with FieldWatch, Inc. to use the DriftWatch and BeeCheck registry tools.

FieldWatch, Inc., is a non-profit company that promotes communication between producers of specialty crops, beekeepers and pesticide applicators in support of ongoing stewardship activities. DriftWatch™ and BeeCheck™ are programs of FieldWatch and are FREE voluntary mapping tools that connect pesticide applicators, beekeepers and specialty crop growers to promote awareness and stewardship activities on the ground. DriftWatch is not intended to be a crop registry for homeowners or sites less than half an acre. You can add bees as a crop in DriftWatch. However, beekeepers with no specialty crops are encouraged to use BeeCheck to map their hives.

These sites feature an easy-to-use Google Maps™ interface that clearly shows pesticide applicators the locations of registered areas so they can utilize the information in their ongoing stewardship activities before they spray. It’s important to remember that the lines on the maps are not property lines; they merely indicate approximate positions of specialty crops and beehives submitted from the agricultural producer.

DriftWatch was designed by the Purdue University Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department with input and support from Purdue University Cooperative Extension. It is now operated by FieldWatch, Inc., a non-profit company created in collaboration with interested agricultural stakeholder groups.

Go to www.fieldwatch.com to get started!