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About Us

The Ohio Department of Agriculture's Division of Plant Health houses the Grain Warehouse, Feed & Seed, Pesticide & Fertilizer Regulation, and Plant Pest Control sections, which are responsible for many consumer- and farmer-protections regulations. Staff members' duties include registering pesticides, licensing pesticide applicators, investigating pesticide use complaints, verifying label statements on feed and fertilizers, monitoring the financial stability of grain elevators, testing germination of packaged seeds, inspecting honey bee colonies, regulating plant nursery stock, and working with USDA-APHIS and the U.S. Forest Service to control invasive pest species. Our goal is to hold businesses which produce, process, and distribute plant-based agricultural products to high standards of integrity and safety.

Apiary Program

Phone: 614-728-6373 Email: apiary@agri.ohio.gov
The Apiary Program coordinates the state and county inspection services that help to ensure a healthy beekeeping industry. The apiary program registers all apiaries in Ohio, both hobbyist and commercial.

Grain Warehouse, Feed & Seed

Phone: 614-728-6410 Email: GFS@agri.ohio.gov
The Grain, Feed and Seed Program licenses and regulates commodity handlers in Ohio, helps assure label claims are accurate on all seeds and animal feed, and handles claims to the grain Indemnity Fund.

Pesticide & Fertilizer Regulation

Phone: 614-728-6987 Email: pesticides@agri.ohio.gov
The Pesticide and Fertilizer Regulation Program regulates the use and distribution of pesticides as well as the manufacturing, distribution, and use of fertilizer, lime, and agricultural additives. The section also manages the Ohio Specialty Crop Registry, provided by FieldWatch, Inc.

Plant Pest Control

Phone: 614-728-6400 Email: plantpest@agri.ohio.gov
The Plant Pest Control Program helps protect the state’s plant nurseries and consumers by performing annual inspections and exotic pest surveys to detect pests that pose a threat to plants. The section also manages the Gypsy Moth and Asian Longhorned Beetle Programs.

Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratory

Working with the Ohio State University’s C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic, the ODA plant lab tests for viral, bacterial, fungal, oomycete, and nematode pathogens, as well as insect pests requiring containment conditions.