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Spotted Lanternfly - Request for Public Comment

Plant Health – Spotted Lanternfly Rule Package

The rules in this package have been reviewed pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Revised Code and are being proposed as follows. The comment period will remain open through June 17, 2021. Comments may be emailed to ecomments@agri.ohio.gov or mailed to Legal Section, Ohio Department of Agriculture, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068.

The Plant Health Division has drafted the following rules of the Administrative Code:

Rule 901:5-56-01 provides the notice of the quarantine and determination that the spotted lanternfly is a destructive and dangerously harmful pest.
Rule 901:5-56-02 provides the definitions used in chapter 901:5-56 of the Administrative Code.
Rule 901:5-56-03 sets forth the regulated articles subject to the quarantine.
Rule 901:5-56-04 sets forth the regulated areas of the quarantine.
Rule 901:5-56-05 sets forth the conditions that must be met in order to move regulated articles.
Rule 901:5-56-06 sets forth the inspection and disposition of shipments.