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Request for Public Comment Amusement Ride Safety

Amusement Ride Safety Five Year Rule Review

The rules in this package have been reviewed pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Revised Code and are being proposed as follows. The comment period will remain open through January 27, 2021. Comments may be emailed to ecomments@agri.ohio.gov or mailed to Legal Section, Ohio Department of Agriculture, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068.

Various rules in division 901:9 of the Administrative Code are up for five-year rule review. The following rules are being filed as no change:

•    Rule 901:9-1-02 sets forth the powers of the Director, as authorized by Revised Code 1711, to issue stop orders and prevent the operation of unsafe amusement rides. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-03 sets forth specific requirements and prohibitions pertaining to the operation of amusement rides.
•    Rule 901:9-1-05 sets forth the required maintenance procedures for amusement rides.
•    Rule 901:9-1-06.1 sets forth the safety standards for inflatable amusement rides.
•    Rule 901:9-1-07 sets forth the signs required for display at each amusement ride.
•    Rule 901:9-1-08 sets definitions for standard amusement ride terms. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-10 requires that aquatic devices shall be approved by local building authorities and other regulatory authorities with jurisdiction prior to construction or modification. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-11 sets forth defined terms pertaining to aquatic devices.
•    Rule 901:9-1-12 requires operators to comply, at a minimum, with the manufacturer’s manual requirements. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-12.1 sets forth the requirements of a “lifeguard”, a “shallow water lifeguard” and an “attendant”. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-13 sets forth safety standards for wave pools. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-15 sets forth standards for water quality in aquatic devices when treating the water with non-chemical methods. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-16 sets forth standards for general safety in aquatic device areas. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-17 sets forth standards for general safety at water slides.
•    Rule 901:9-1-18 sets forth standards for safety at lazy rivers. 
•    Rule 901:9-1-19 sets forth standards for safety at water coasters.
•    Rule 901:9-1-20 sets forth required waterpark signage.
•    Rule 901:9-1-48 sets forth meetings of the advisory council on amusement ride safety.
•    Rule 901:9-1-51 outlines the use of multiple vehicle safety systems for all permanent, portable, and water coasters.