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Request for Public Comment - Amusement Ride Safety

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is accepting comments regarding Amusement Ride Safety rules proposed Ohio Administrative Code 901:9-1-01, 901:9-1-04, 901:9-1-04.1, and 901:9-1-04.2. The rules in this package have been reviewed pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Revised Code and are being proposed as follows.  The comment period will remain open through February 7, 2020.  Comments may be emailed to ecomments@agri.ohio.gov or mailed to Legal Section, Ohio Department of Agriculture, 8995 E. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068.

On November 6, 2019, Governor DeWine signed House Bill 189 (HB 189), Tyler’s Law, which requires the promulgation of rules in accordance with the statute. 

The rules, summarized below, accomplish this task and establish regulations for amusement rides.

901:9-1-01 requires an amusement ride be operated only upon issuance of a permit pursuant to R.C.1711.53. Further, the rule defines the process and requirements for the granting of the permit. The amendment to the rule requires the owner of an amusement ride to submit a list of locations and dates where a portable ride was either stored for a period longer than thirty (30) days or operated outside of the state of Ohio. 

901:9-1-04 requires inspection of amusement rides and devices to be conducted by the department. The amendment to this rule adopts certain chapters from the American society for testing and materials (ASTM) international amusement ride safety standards pursuant to the requirements of R.C. 1711.53(B)(2)(c).

901:9-1-04.1 establishes ride categories for fatigue and corrosion review, fatigue and corrosion review protocols, and effective dates for the implementation of corrosion review. 

901:9-1-04.2 outlines the frequency of inspections the department must conduct, and the number of inspectors, based on the categorization of rides established in 901:9-1-04.1 (i.e. low intensity, intermediate rides, towers, and rollers coasters).