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Request for Public Comment: Animal Health - 2018 Scrapie Rule Review

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is accepting comments regarding the rules found in Chapter 901:1-13 of the Ohio Administrative Code. The rules in this package have been reviewed pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Revised Code and are being proposed as follows. The comment period will remain open through July 27, 2018. Comments may be emailed to eComments@agri.ohio.gov or mailed to Legal Section, Ohio Department of Agriculture, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068.

The rules in this package regulate the disease known as Scrapie which is designated under section 901:1-21-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) as dangerously contagious and infectious. Pursuant to authority in section 941.02 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Director of Agriculture has authority to use all proper means in the prevention and eradication of infectious and contagious diseases which pose a threat to public health or animal health.

The rules in this Chapter are up for five-year rule review and have been reviewed by both the Department and its stakeholders. The rules and their proposed amendments, if any, are outlined below.

901:1-13-01 sets out the definitions as used in the chapter.

901:1-13-02 requires that any test for Scrapie be reported to the department within seven days on a form approved by the department. Further, any owner, custodian, or veterinarian who observes symptoms of the disease must report their findings to the department within twenty-four hours.

901:1-13-03 states that the Department shall quarantine exposed flocks and herds and require testing of the animals within those groups. The rule has been amended to reflect a change in the USDA policy document. 

901:1-13-04 outlines the official forms of identification used by sheep or goats entering Ohio. 

901:1-13-05 sets out the herd plan requirements of owners that participate in depopulation plans.