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Restricted Snake Possession Application
Restricted Snake Possession Application

A restricted snake possession permit is required if you own any of the following  snakes in Ohio:

1)  All of the following constricting snakes that are 12 feet in length (or longer):

        a)  Green anacondas

        b)  Yellow anacondas

        c)  Reticulated pythons

        d)  Indian pythons

        e)  Burmese pythons

        f)  North African rock pythons

        g)  South African rock pythons

        h)  Amethystine pythons

2)  In addition to the constricting snakes listed above, species of the following families are also restricted snakes and require a permit:

        a)  Atractaspididae

        b)  Elapidae

        c)  Viperidae

3)  Boomslang snakes

4)  Twig snakes