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First Hemp Planted at ODA

First Hemp Planted at ODA

With Governor Mike DeWine signing Senate Bill 57 into law, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is directed to plant hemp for research purposes. Director Pelanda took part in planting the first hemp plants on the department's campus. The 100 hemp plants came to Ohio thanks to Acela, a Kentucky company who brought its equipment and expertise. 

"Our team traveled the nation visiting states such as Kentucky, Colorado, Wisconsin, and North Dakota to learn about what these states are doing," said Director Pelanda. "We learned that there's an art to planting hemp."

In addition to ODA, universities will now have an opportunity to cultivate and process hemp for research purposes. Interested universities can click here to apply.

To learn more about Ohio's new program, and to sign up for updates on growing or processing hemp, make sure to visit our hemp page