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Director Pelanda Listens to Farmer's Struggles

Director Pelanda Listens to Farmer's Struggles

"This is by far the worst weather even we've had. I've never felt this kind of stress. Ever." - Wood County Farmer

"This is the worst year we've ever had, from the mental standpoint. It's hard to sleep at night when you know you have 384 acres without corn in them." - Delaware County Farmer

"We've had fields we've abandoned, we've never done that." - Logan County Farmer

Strong and emotional words from Ohio's farmers as unprecedented rains have made it nearly impossible for many farmers to get a crop in the ground. Director Pelanda has been traveling the state to sit down and listen to Ohio farmers. Everywhere we go it has been the same story; we have never seen anything like this growing season.

In Wood County, fields are full of weeds where normally they're full of a growing crop. In Darke County, farmers were sending back seed because of the inability to plant. In Delaware County we heard about how all crops have been affected by this issue, including pumpkins. In Logan County farmers scrambled to replant what they could, knowing it will still be at a loss. 

"Farmers are telling us this is the worst year they have ever experienced," said Director Pelanda. "This impacts every aspect of Ohio three times a day, in terms of what they're going to eat and how they'll feed their families."

Director Pelanda sent a letter to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue stressing the urgency of Governor Mike DeWine's request for a secretarial disaster designation regarding Ohio's farmers. Director Pelanda will continue to work with Governor DeWine on Ohio's request to bring some relief to our farmers.