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Jon Cook
March 17, 2019 | Administration

Jon Cook

As Chief Information Officer, Jon Cook manages all IT operations and oversees the development of new applications and websites for the agency. He is always looking for ways that IT can help the agency optimize costs by utilizing a more effective way to accomplish tasks.

Jon has more than 18 years of experience working in IT with the last 14 years in the state legislature. He began his state career in the Ohio Senate where he converted several systems from hand written lists to databases. His most recent role was serving as the CIO for the Ohio House of Representatives for the last eight years. Jon managed the conversion of many legacy systems to more efficient programs reducing the amount of paper used in the day to day activities of the House.

Jon grew up on a farm and enjoyed watching his son show pigs at the Union County Fair and the Ohio State Fair. Jon has volunteered for the Union County Junior Livestock Committee for the last nine years. Jon has worked with the committee and the county extension office to implement new software that tracks exhibitors and their animals from the point of weigh-in to showing the animal and then participating in the sale.