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Local sponsors apply for certification, accept landowner applications and help secure easements in the Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP).  The LAEPP has a two-tier application process.  The first application is referred to as the Local Sponsor Certification Application process.  During this process cities, counties, townships, soil and water conservation districts and non-profit organizations such as land trusts are eligible to become certified local sponsors.

In the second part of the application process, landowners apply through Certified Local Sponsors using an online application on the ODA website (see tab below). Each local sponsor receives a portion of the Clean Ohio funds appropriated that year to purchase easements from the highest scoring applicants in their area.

The documents below are used throughout the process of applying and securing an easement by local sponsors.  Select the LAEPP Documents tab to access documents and reference materials.  Local sponsors will use these materials typically over the life of an easement project.  A chart of upcoming dates for the current funding rounds can be found on the LAEPP Current Timeline.

Once the easement is secured, the local sponsor visits the farm once a year and completes a Monitoring Report.

Current Local Sponsor Certification Application

Current Local Sponsor Certification Application

  • This is the Local Sponsor Certification Application.  

    In applying to become a Certified Local Sponsor, an organization seeks to demonstrate that they have the capability to acquire, hold, manage and enforce agricultural easements and that they have the staff and resources to carry out the work.  Local sponsors selected for certification will receive funds from the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) to manage a grant application process in their communities using ODA's online landowner application.  Landowners may then apply to the Certified Local Sponsors through a competitive process to sell an agricultural easement on their land to ODA.

    Cities, counties, townships, soil and water conservation districts and non-profit organizations such as land trusts are eligible to become certified local sponsors.

    See the Local Sponsor Certification Application FAQs for additional direction on how to complete the document. 

The LAEPP 2023 Local Sponsor Application for Certification is closed.

Local Sponsor Certification Application

Local Sponsors that completed the most recent certification process may receive funding to complete landowner applications in January 2023.

Additional resources for the Local Sponsor Certification Application:

Current Landowner Application

Current Landowner Application

For any questions please contact the Office of Farmland Preservation.

LAEPP 2023 Landowner Application is open January 18, 2023 to April 18, 2023.

You can access the portal below:

LAEPP Landowner Application

LAEPP Landowner Application Checklist


Additional information on registering on the LAEPP Landowner Application portal:

Localized Questions for LAEPP:

Certified Local Sponsors conduct local landowner application periods have an opportunity to adapt the questions and points ranges under the Step known as the “Other Factors” section of the landowner application.

LAEPP Documents 

LAEPP Documents

Farmland Stories

Periodically, the Office of Farmland Preservation publishes stories about easements in their programs on their website and other kinds of media.  If you have a farm or have sponsored a farm in one of our programs and would like to have that farm considered for one of these articles, please complete the Farmland Stories form & submit the completed form to our office.

Farmland Stories Form

Additional information about the Farmland Stories project:

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