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ADDL Electronic Submission Form

An an alternative to our General Submission Form that requires you to handwrite all necessary information, the ADDL has an electronic submission form available for large groups of samples being submitted to the laboratory. Handwriting large submissions can easily lead to mistakes, but the new electronic submission form can be emailed to the laboratory and uploaded directly into our information management system to avoid these issues.

Please note that a printed version of the form must still be included in the box with the samples when shipped to us.

To use the ‘Electronic Submission/High Volume Submission Form’, download the Excel workbook by clicking ‘Download’ on the right-hand side of the page. Detailed instructions are available on the second sheet of the workbook, as seen below:

If you need help filling the form out, please contact the laboratory at 614-728-6220 or submissions@agri.ohio.gov with any questions.

The Ohio ADDL only accepts specimens referred by a licensed veterinarian. Please fill out submission forms completely. Animal identification of the sample should match what is written on the form. Include as much history as possible.

ADDL Submission Guidelines and Shipping Instructions