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We like to keep our clients informed of new tests, emerging diseases, and upcoming events.  We archive all past newsletters here but please don't forget to subscribe to our quarterly ADDL Newsletter.

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Winter  |  Q-fever abortion  |  PPIV-1 PCR now available  |  Meet the Molecular Diagnostics team  |  Electron microscopy services are back  |  Ohio Beef Expo Reminder


Fall  |  Quarter Horse Congress  |  Meet the Bacteriology Lab Section  |  ADDL Staff Attend Training Workshops  |  Q-fever: it's not a query anymore!

*Starting in September 2022, ADDL will now publish a quarterly newsletter*

June  |  ODA ADDL hosts Uruguay Public Health Commissioner  |  PRRSV Sequencing Updates: Now Reporting Lineage  |  Heartworm testing now offered at the ADDL

May  |  New duplex PCR test for Anaplasma marginale and Theileria orientalis  |  High school intern updates  |  New Employees at ADDL  |  Brucella canis testing reminders

March  |  HPAI Resources  |  Online Bill Pay Now Available  |  PCR for Egg Drop Syndrome  |  New Employees at ADDL  |  National Ag Day

February  |  HPAI Update  |  Ohio Beef Expo  |  Salmonella Outbreak in Bearded Dragons  |  Bird Health Awareness Week  |  Updated Campus Map

January  |  Happy New Year!  |  Johne's Testing of Milk  |  MLK Jr. Holiday  |  Employee Updates  |  Test Update: Tritrichomonas foetus PCR testing

Previous Years


January ... Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) detected in wild White-Tailed Deer in NW Ohio; Calling Backyard Poultry Practitioners; New Multiplex PCR to Detect Bovine Coronavirus, Bovine Rotavirus A and Cryptosporidium in Feces

February ... 2020 Summary of Salmonella in Ohio cattle; Pet Food Recall for Aflatoxin

March ... USDA NAHLN Farm Bill Award for Emergency Preparedness; USDA NIFA Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program Accepting Applications

April ... Shipping Delays and Test Schedules; NAHLN Antimicrobial Resistance Dashboard

May ... Reminder to Vaccinate Against EEE & WNV; SARS-CoV-2 PCR Test Now Available; New Employee Spotlight

June ... ASF Workshop, Shipping samples when it's HOT outside

July ... YouTube Video on CWD Sample Collection; Salmonella in Backyard Poultry; Ohio Egg Quality Program; A New ADDL?; ODA Podcast: Dr. Rich French and Anne Parkinson

September ... USDA ASF Action Week; Asian Longhorned Tick; Quarter Horse Congress

October ... EHDV-2 Detected; ADDL and OneHealth; FDA funds wastewater project at ADDL; Virtual Lab Tour

November ... Ohio joins the Swine Disease Reporting System; One Health Day; AAVLD Annual Meeting Re-cap

December ... Happy Holidays; Shipping Reminders; New Employees; Antimicrobial Awareness


February ... 2019 PRRS and IAV-S summaries, Beef Expo, Mary Beth Weisner's Retirement, New Employee Spotlight

March ... Indiana and Ohio NPIP Visit the Lab, ODA at the Midwest Veterinary Conference, New Employee Spotlight

April ... Necropsy Dropoff Procedure Changes in Response to COVID-19, NAHLN Level 1 Status Update, New Guidance for EIAV Testing, Official IDs for Canine Brucellosis Testing, Dogs and the Danger of Mushrooms

May ... Retirement of Dr. Jeff Hayes, EIA Reminder, Reminder to Vaccinate Against EEE & WNV, Spring Garden Dangers for Pets, New Employee Spotlight

June ... EIA Reminder, Mulch fertilizer & dogs, ODA ATL Staff

July ... Discontinuation of Electron Microscopy services, Updated Submission Form

August ... New Test Fees, Shipping in the Summer, Lead Toxicosis in a Calf, Discontinuation of Aquaculture Virus Isolation

September ... Warm Weather Shipping Alert

October ... EHDV-6 Detected in Ohio, NAHLN ASF Exercise, Updated Diagnostic Plans

December ... Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Awareness, Cold Weather Shipping


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