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Dr. Craig Sarver Retires from Ohio ADDL

After 33 years of service dedicated to pathology services at the Ohio ADDL, Dr. Craig Sarver retired effective June 30, 2022.  Dr. Sarver served as a Veterinary Pathologist – with a specialty interest in avian diseases - for most of his career in the ADDL.

Dr. Sarver was born and raised a Buckeye in Marietta, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University where he graduated with a BS in Animal Science and a DVM from the veterinary medical school.  He then pursued a career in private practice for six years before joining the ADDL as a Veterinary Pathologist in 1989.

During his tenure at the ADDL, he returned to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and earned a master’s degree in poultry diseases.  As a poultry specialist, he has worked with a variety of clients and provided needed professional expertise and interpretation of poultry diseases in the state of Ohio to those that have come to the ADDL seeking answers - from private practitioners to large commercial industry producers to zoo and exotic animal clients.  And although his interest was in poultry, Dr. Sarver worked on multiple species in the ADDL and enjoyed sharing his knowledge and experiences as a mentor to many high school, college, veterinary and international students over the years. 

He also conveyed mutual interests and ideas as a presenter at veterinary conferences and as a member of many veterinary professional organizations, delivering continuing education opportunities at venues such as Midwest Veterinary Conferences, Tri-State Poultry Meetings, Central Ohio Veterinary Medical Association Meetings and American Veterinary Medical Association Meetings.  Dr. Sarver regularly spoke at The Ohio State University, Veterinary Medical School seminar series, on topics of interest in gross pathology and histopathology and led poultry management and training programs. As part of his work in the ADDL, he often was involved and organized ODA/ADDL-sponsored trainings on poultry disease and management programs – as well as on topics concerning aquaculture and collaborative projects with ODNR regarding CWD.

Dr. Sarver’s future plans involve multiple projects around his home and in his community and travelling the country’s National Parks (21 out of 59, so far!) and state parks with his family.  As he left the Ohio ADDL, Dr. Sarver especially wanted to thank ALL of the farmers, clients and veterinarians that allowed him the unique opportunity to serve them by working on their animals and cases over the last 33 years in the diagnostic laboratory.

"Thanks to the citizens of the State of Ohio for letting me serve you for all these years".  

Craig F Sarver, DVM, MS

HAPPY TRAILS to Dr. Sarver!!!


Anne Parkinson, B.S., Serology Section Head