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Planting Report Reminder

Hemp Planting

Dear Licensees,

We are reaching out to remind you that all licensed cultivators who registered growing locations for the 2022 growing season are required to submit planting reports within 15 days of planting. You may access the reports on your Hemp dashboard.

If you registered a temporary growing location, you are required to file a planting report within 15 days of direct seeding plants, bringing plants in or starting clones from plants in that location. When you move those plants to your registered growing location, you are then required to file another planting report for that growing location.

If you have a registered growing location for the 2022 growing season but do not intend to plant hemp or do not get hemp planted before July 31, 2022, you must submit a no plant planting report prior to July 31, 2022. If you plant hemp at that location after July 31, 2022, you must file a planting report within 15 days of the planting.

To assist you in completing the reports, instruction guides are provided for Indoor Planting Reports and Outdoor Planting Reports. We strongly suggest that you read the instruction guide prior to filling out your report.

Planting reports are also required to be submitted to local FSA Offices by July 31. Please check with your local FSA Office to determine if this is a requirement for your growing location.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at hemp@agri.ohio.gov or 614.728.2101.

Hemp Program
Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA)
8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068