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Administration Office of the Director; Speaking Requests Madeline.Huffman@agri.ohio.gov (614) 314-8273
Communications Office Media Inquiries agrcommunications@agri.ohio.gov (614) 752-9817
Legal Office Public Records Requests legal@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6430
Human Resources Job Opportunities hr@agri.ohio.gov (614) 466-5339
Amusement Ride Safety & Fairs Ride Licensing; Consumer Concerns ridesafety@agri.ohio.gov
(614) 728-6280

After Hours Emergencies
(800) 282-1955
Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Animal Testing (Veterinarians and the General Public) animal@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6220
Animal Health Licensing; Animal Transport Requirements from Out of State into Ohio; Livestock Exhibition Testing; animal@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6220
Commercial Dog Breeders Licensing; Consumer Concerns agrdwacdb@agri.ohio.gov (614)728-6220
Auctioneers Licensing; Consumer Concerns auctioneer@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6350
Dairy Licensing; Consumer Concerns dairy@agri.ohio.gov (614) 466-5550
Enforcement Dangerous Wild Animal Concerns enforcement@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6240
Farmland Preservation Preserving Farmland; Historic Family Farms Program farmlandpres@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6238
Food Safety Food Safety Licensing; Home Bakeries; Consumer Concerns; foodsafety@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6250
Livestock Environmental Permitting Permits to Install; Permits to Operate; Inspections; Consumer Concerns lepp@agri.ohio.gov (614) 387-0470
Hemp Program Licensing; Inspections,
Consumer Concerns
hemp@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-2101
Markets How to Become an Ohio Proud Partner; Where to Find Ohio Grown, Raised and Processed Products; Farmers Markets, Ohio’s Grape and Wine Industry, Where to Find Ohio Wineries

Ohio Proud:

Ohio Grape Industries Committee:

Ohio Proud:

Ohio Grape Industries Committee:
(614) 728-6438
Meat Inspection Licensing; Consumer Concerns meat@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6260
Plant Health   plant@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6270
Pesticides Licensing; Certification; Insurance; Inspections; Product Registration; Consumer Concerns pesticides@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6987
Fertilizer Licensing; Certification; Insurance; Inspections; Product Registrations; Consumer Concerns pesticides@agri.ohio.gov (614)-728-6987
Invasive Pests Asian Longhorned Beetle; Spotted Lanternfly; Spongy Moth; Hemlock Wooly Adelgid; Consumer Concerns plantpest@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6400
Apiary Registration; Inspections; Consumer Concerns apiary@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6373
Nurseries and Plant Dealers Licensing; Inspections; Certification; Phytosanitary Certificates; Consumer Concerns plantpest@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6400
Grain Warehouse, Feed, Seed Licensing; Inspections; Grain Indemnity Fund; Consumer Concerns GFS@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6410
Soil & Water Conservation H2Ohio; Watershed Program Grants; Soil Science; Manure Application; Ohio Drainage Law; Ag Pollution Complaints; Environmental Concerns dswc@agri.ohio.gov (614) 265-6610
Weights & Measures Lab Tests; Device Permits; Consumer Concerns weights@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6290
Ohio Department of Agriculture General Inquiries agrcommunications@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6201