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County Auditors

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is the custodian of the Ohio Primary of Weights and Measures.

Local jurisdictions are responsible for testing and inspecting all commercial weighing and measuring devices such. The state assists in testing and inspecting of vehicle scales, livestock scales, fuel meters (fuel oil, gasoline and LP gas) and packaged consumer goods.

Local Jurisdiction Lookup

This will enable you to search for your Local Weights and Measures Office by County or City. When calling the phone numbers listed, please ask for the Weights & Measures Office.

Continuing Education

2021 County Inspector Continuing Education Update

Below is a list of pre-approved online courses that the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights & Measures will accept for credit as part of the continuing education requirements for calendar year 2021, as described in OAC 901:6-9. The date and credit values for each are in parenthesis.
National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) - Added to list 09/17/2021
• 5746 – Information Session: Metric System Education Resources (09/29/2021; 7-8:30pm; 1.5hrs)
• 5757 – NIST Handbook 130 – Examination Procedure for Price Verification (10/1/2021; 11am-1pm; 2hrs)
• 5760 - NIST Handbook 130 – Overview of the Uniform Packaging & Labeling Requirements (10/7/2021; 11am-1pm; 2hrs)
• 5761 - NIST Handbook 133 - Overview of Handbook 133 (10/14/2021: 11am-1:30pm; 2.5hrs)
• 5762 - NIST Handbook 133 - How to Test Animal Bedding (10/20/2021; 11am-1pm; 2hrs)
• 5763 - LPG (Propane) -Verifying the Net Contents of 20 lb Cylinders (Part 1) (10/21/2021; 11am-4pm; 5hrs)
• 5764 - Weights and Measures Inspections - Evidence, Search and Seizure, and Due Process (10/26/2021; 11am-1:30pm; 2.5hrs)
National Conference of Weights & Measures (NCWM)
• No additional events at this time. If something is added, it will be considered for pre-approval.
Central Weights & Measures Association (CWMA)
• No additional events at this time. If something is added, it will be considered for pre-approval.
Prior approval must be granted by ODA Weights & Measures for any other in-person or online course, event, or learning opportunity. Any other course, event, or learning opportunity that an Inspector would like considered for credit, shall submit for approval the follow information:
• Agenda,
• Intended Proof of Attendance, and
• Speaker & Instructor Qualifications
For individual courses, as well as group events, after any course, event, or learning opportunity, each individual is required to provide adequate proof of attendance, participation, and completion (i.e. certificates of completion, written confirmation from your County Auditor, or attendance by ODA Weights & Measures’ personnel).
*All classes on the list were pulled directly from their respective organization website. Dates, times, and classes may change at any time. There is nothing ODA can do about cancelled classes, please plan your participation accordingly. No courses can be duplicated.

Annual Summary Reports

All local jurisdictions are required to provide the State with an Annual Report of Devices in jurisdiction and the testing of those devices.

2019 Local Jurisdictions A-F and the State Summary

2019 Local Jurisdictions G-L and the State Summary

2019 Local Jurisdictions M-S and the State Summary

2019 Local Jurisdictions T-Z and the State Summary 

County Auditor Contact Info

The County Auditors' Association of Ohio provides a directory of all the auditors in the state. Simply click on the name of the county for more detailed information or search for the auditor in the search box.