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Within this page you'll find answers to a variety of questions related to soil and water conservation in Ohio. Click on a question below to display the answer.

Each year, the Ohio Department of Taxation sets current agricultural use values for each of Ohio's soil types. The documents found by clicking on the link below were developed by the department to show current CAUVs and explain how these values were established.

You may also want to contact the auditor for the county where the property is located. Find auditor information at: 


For information on pond water quality, use the guidance found in the Ohio Pond Management Handbook: http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/portals/wildlife/pdfs/publications/fish%20management/Pub432.pdf

For information on private drinking water quality testing, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources have collaborated on a single internet resource page to start: https://ohiowatersheds.osu.edu/know-your-well-water/well-owners.

The Division of Soil and Water Conservation does not test soil. You can find out about soil testing from your local  county Ohio State Extension office. https://extension.osu.edu/lao#county

Don't see your question here? Please email us at dswc@agri.ohio.gov.