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Sample SWCD File Index

SWCD Supervisors must ensure the proper maintenance of records of district activities because:

  • There are laws that require records such as minutes, financial and annual reports and other work products be kept for public viewing as well as laws dictating records retention by government organizations;
  • Records may have historical value (annual reports, newsletters etc.);
  • Records may serve as evidence in case of legal action (concerning disputes over cooperative agreements, easements, employment policy changes, etc.);
  • Records serve as a basis for making future decisions (district programs, cooperator plans, board minutes and policies, equipment rental, etc.).

A uniform filing system has been developed for SWCDs and a copy has been provided here to download. We strongly recommend the use of this system since the material mailed to you by the Division of Soil and Water Conservation and the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission is often coded according to this filing system.