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Letter Of Legal Notices & News Releases For CWI Projects - Sample

Use the Sample Letter Of Legal Notices & News Releases For CWI Projects to assist in fulfilling SWCD notification requirements for Conservation Works of Improvement projects as stated below:

Upon acceptance of a petition, the supervisors (or joint board of supervisor) shall establish a date and time for the view and hearing.
a. The view shall occur between 25 to 90 days of acceptance of the petition.
b. The hearing on the project shall occur within 90 days of the view.
c. Within 20 days prior to the view, a written notice of the view and hearing shall be sent to all landowners in the area to be benefited by the project and to the County Commissioners and Engineer. The written notice shall be sent by certified mail to all landowners adjacent to the project and by certified or first class mail to all others. Any such notice shall have “Legal Notice” printed in plain view on the face of the envelope.
d. The supervisors shall invite to the view and hearing, the staff of the local soil and water conservation district, the staff of the natural resources conservation service, and any other parties that supervisors consider necessary to the proceedings.