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Chapter 3 - Soil and Water Information System Reporting and Guidance

Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission (OSWCC) policy instructs Ohio soil and water conservation districts (SWCD) to complete annual and strategic planning and to report on the progress of implementing those plans. This reporting is to serve SWCDs first, allowing boards of supervisors to set strategic goals, define activities to accomplish those goals, and monitor their completion progress in order to make informed financial, staffing and programming decisions. Secondly, the reporting assists the OSWCC, Ohio Department of Agriculture's Division of Soil and Water Conservation (DSWC) and the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (OFSWCD) in their efforts to provide funding, training and other assistance to Ohio's 88 SWCDs.

The Division of Soil & Water Conservation (DSWC) and the Beehive Advisory Committee have developed the “Beehive Program - Use and Guidance” document for SWCD staff to reference and utilize.  The document defines and provides details, on the fields within the Beehive program modules which are required to be populated, as well as tasks within the program, which are to be completed.

Adherence to populating the defined fields and completion of the tasks as outlined in the Use and Guidance document will ensure that SWCDs meet the standards for local and state level reporting requirements.

If SWCDs have questions regarding required data entry in Beehive they should contact their Program Specialist or Martin Joyce, DSWC.