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Supervisor Oath of Office

Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission Rules:

Chapter 901:13-3 Election of District Supervisors

901:13-3-01 Nominations (successor elections).
(A) Nominations of candidates for election of successors to fill expired terms of district supervisors, or unexpired terms, where an election is required pursuant to section 940.04 of the Revised Code, shall be declared valid upon meeting one of the following:

(1) Nomination is made not less than forty-five days before the time of the conduct of the election by a three-member nominating committee appointed by the chairman of the existing duly-elected district board of supervisors. The nominating committee shall consist of a continuing member of the existing district board and two other persons who are knowledgeable of the district.

(2) Nomination is made by a county resident seeking nomination submitting a candidate nomination petition with ten valid signatures, of individuals who are eighteen years of age or older, or who own or occupy land within the district where the election is to occur, not less than thirty-five days prior to the conduct of the election.

(B) Candidates nominated by the nominating committee and all candidates with valid candidate petitions shall be listed in alphabetical order on the ballot provided by the Ohio soil and water conservation commission.

(C) Nominees duly elected shall be administered an oath of office, as prescribed by the Ohio soil and water conservation commission, preceding or upon taking office.

Relevant sections of the Ohio Revised Code:

3.20 Oath and affirmation.
When an oath is required or authorized by law, an affirmation in lieu thereof may be taken by a person having conscientious scruples against taking an oath. An affirmation has the same effect as an oath.

3.22 Oath of office.
Each person chosen or appointed to an office under the constitution or laws of this state, and each deputy or clerk of such officer, shall take an oath of office before entering upon the discharge of his duties. The failure to take such oath shall not affect his liability or the liability of his sureties.

3.24 Administration of oaths.
Every person holding an elected office under the constitution or laws of this state may administer oaths of office to persons elected or appointed to offices under the constitution or laws of this state if those persons are elected or appointed to offices within the geographical limits of the elected officer's constituency, except that members of the general assembly may administer oaths of office to persons elected or appointed to any office under the constitution or laws of this state. Nothing in this section shall forbid the judge of a court established by the constitution of this state or a notary public commissioned in this state from administering an oath to any person.

When an oath of office is required to be certified in writing, the person taking the oath shall write the person's signature immediately under the text of the oath. The person administering the oath under authority of this section shall then write the administering person's signature, the title of the elected office that the administering person holds, and the date; and shall affix the seal of office if a seal is prescribed for, or has been adopted by, the administering person's office.