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JB-2 Joint Board of Supervisors Organization Report

Use this form to report on the members of a newly formed Joint Board of Supervisors.

Relevant section of the Ohio Revised Code:

 940.18 Joint board of supervisors

The supervisors of any two or more adjoining soil and water conservation districts may, with approval of the Ohio soil and water conservation commission, form a joint board of supervisors for the purpose of construction, maintenance, and operation of a work of improvement located or to be located in such districts. Each district shall have the same number of supervisors on the joint board, except that where the members on the joint board would otherwise be an even number, an additional supervisor shall be designated from the district in which it appears that the highest amount of taxes or assessment for benefits for the improvement is to be made.

A joint board may exercise the powers given the supervisors of a soil and water conservation district under this chapter in connection with the work of improvement for which it was formed.