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Board Meeting Policy Based on Robert's Rules of Order - Sample

Supervisors of local soil and water conservation districts are busy people - most of them with full time occupations. Since the district may hold several meetings each month, supervisors are naturally interested in participating in well-organized and business-like meetings. A typical two-hour session should be sufficient to conduct the affairs of the district only if proper rules of order are observed.

When you serve as chairperson, it becomes your responsibility to conduct the business meeting. The chairperson should become familiar with the proper rules of parliamentary procedure and she/he should insist that those rules be observed to assure an organized and highly productive meeting.

Each District should adopt a policy or rule on how they will conduct official meetings. This “Sample - Policy on the Rules of Order” will help establish good meeting practices for SWCDs. Most boards should find that utilizing Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, and the procedural flexibility that Robert’s allows for small boards, or some similar “rules of order” will suffice for maintaining order.