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FY2018 Conservation Assistance Fund Application

The Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission established the Conservation Assistance Fund to award grants to SWCDs to be used for the operation of the Soil and Water Conservation District. These funds are to be used in conjunction with local dollars and state matching funds to meet the natural resource goals and objectives as identified in the district’s strategic plan and annual plan of work. The goal of this program is to assist districts in difficult financial situations by providing a minimum level of funding for a limited time to SWCDs whose district board and staff are willing to meet program requirements.

Who can apply?
SWCDs that have experienced a catastrophic loss of local matchable revenue which has resulted in a greater than 40% reduction over the past three years or districts receiving less than $ 40,000 from combined local matchable revenue may be eligible for Conservation Assistance Grants from the OSWCC. Districts may apply for up to $25,000 per year of additional state funds through this policy annually. Districts will be eligible to receive a maximum of $40,000 in combined state matching funds, flat rate, and conservation assistance funds. Applications should be submitted no later than June 15, 2017. The maximum combined amount shall be reviewed by the Commission on an annual basis for SWCDs experiencing a 40% reduction over the last 3 years and which also will have a combined state match above $40,000.