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About Us

About Us

Division of Soil and Water Conservation (DSWC) provides leadership and services enabling Ohioans to conserve, protect, and enhance soil, water, and land resources. DSWC was established beginning January 2016 through a transfer of programs from the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Agriculture as directed by the 131st Ohio General Assembly in HB 64. DSWC's central office is located on the Ohio Department of Agriculture campus in Reynoldsburg with many field offices and staff stationed throughout the state. View our 2019 Year in Review by clicking here or on the download button to the upper right of this page.


  • Provides administrative guidance, training, program development support and financial assistance to Ohio's 88 SWCDs, their 440 elected board members and over 430 staff;
  • Provides administrative and organizational support to the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission; 
  • Implements agricultural and non-point source water pollution control programs - a regulatory component enforces agricultural sediment and livestock manure application and runoff.
  • Supports and helps fund local development of watershed-based planning and implementation;
  • Implements a comprehensive statewide soils information program, and assists private and public sectors in using soils and natural resource information.

Provide leadership and services that enable Ohioans to conserve, protect, and enhance soil, water, and land resources.

To be a leader in soil and water resource management by providing the highest quality customer service.


DSWC Contact Directory



Office Phone

Cell Phone


Alison Foster Grant Administrator 614-265-6368   Alison.Foster@agri.ohio.gov
Amy Boyer Conservation Engineer 614-581-4476 614-581-4476 Amy.Boyer@agri.ohio.gov
Ben Eaton Region 3 Watershed Manager 380-223-8960 380-223-8960 Benjamin.Eaton@agri.ohio.gov
  Bill Beckman Nutrient Management Specialist 614-315-2176 614-315-2176 William.Beckman@agri.ohio.gov
  Bob Hendershot Grazing Specialist 937-393-1922 x 3   Robert.Hendershot@agri.ohio.gov 
  Boden Fisher Region 1 Watershed Manager 380-223-8940 380-223-8940 Boden.Fisher@agri.ohio.gov
Cathy Berg Area 1 Program Specialist   614-989-8035


Chad Amos Area 3 Program Specialist 614-562-0243 614-562-0243 Chad.Amos@agri.ohio.gov
Chris Pancake Region 4 Watershed Manager 614-813-4557 614-813-4557 Christopher.Pancake@agri.ohio.gov
Clark Hutson H2Ohio Program Coordinator 419-429-8305 614-361-9867 Clark.Hutson@agri.ohio.gov
Cody Hacker Area 5 Program Specialist  614-809-1009 614-809-1009 Cody.Hacker@agri.ohio.gov 
Emily Heppner Outreach Administrator 614-265-6682 614-326-9562 Emily.Heppner@agri.ohio.gov 
Emily Kramer Nutrient Management Specialist 614-315-2285 614-315-2285 Emily.Kramer@agri.ohio.gov
Erica White Region 5 Watershed Manager 614-361-8519 614-361-8519 Erica.White@agri.ohio.gov
Frances Springer GLSM Nutrient Mgmt. Spec. 419-586-3289 614-800-0135 Frances.Springer@agri.ohio.gov 
Greg Nageotte  Watershed Program Administrator 614-265-6619 614-263-2474 Greg.Nageotte@agri.ohio.gov 
Jarrod Hittle Area 3 Program Specialist 614-634-3608 614-634-3608 Jarrod.Hittle@agri.ohio.gov
Jason Tyrell APAP Administrator 614-265-6691 614-315-0408 Jason.Tyrell@agri.ohio.gov 
Jeff Ankney Area 1 Program Specialist 614-561-5694 614-561-5694 Jeff.Ankney@agri.ohio.gov  
Jocelyn Henderson Area 4 Program Specialist 937-419-2588 614-395-4094 Jocelyn.Henderson@agri.ohio.gov
John Kellis Grazing Specialist 937-393-1922 x 3   John.Kellis@agri.ohio.gov  
John Timmons Region 2 Watershed Manager 380-223-8958 380-223-8958 John.Timmons@agri.ohio.gov
Josh Emanuelson Region 6 Watershed Manager 380-223-8937 380-223-8937 Joshua.Emanuelson@agri.ohio.gov
Justin McBride Conservation Engineer 419-429-8328 614-813-0459 Justin.McBride@agri.ohio.gov 
Keith Libben Conservation Engineer 614-301-3249 614-301-3249 Keith.Libben@agri.ohio.gov
Kip Studer WLEB Nutrient Mgmt. Spec. 419-429-8329 419-860-3839 Kip.Studer@agri.ohio.gov 
Kirk Hines Chief 614-265-6617 614-581-6146 Kirk.Hines@agri.ohio.gov
Levi Arnold Region 7 Watershed Manager 380-223-8938 380-223-8938 Levi.Arnold@agri.ohio.gov
Lisa Syx Financial Program Manager 614-265-6637   Lisa.Syx@agri.ohio.gov
Liz Cline Area 4 Program Specialist 937-248-0527 614-361-8579 Elizabeth.Cline@agri.ohio.gov
Martin Joyce Beehive Administrator 614-265-6684 614-562-0269 Martin.Joyce@agri.ohio.gov
Matt Lane Soil Scientist  614-265-6913 614-203-2377 Matthew.Lane@agri.ohio.gov
Nate Wilhelm Conservation Engineer 614-581-4471 614-581-4471 Nathan.Wilhelm@agri.ohio.gov
Peter McDonough Watershed Program Administrator 614-265-6614 614-561-7303 Peter.McDonough@agri.ohio.gov
Rebecca O'Neill Area 2 Program Specialist   614-816-0238 Rebecca.O'Neill@agri.ohio.gov
Rob Hamilton  Asst. Chief, SWCDs  614-562-0738 614-562-0738  Robert.Hamilton@agri.ohio.gov
Terry Mescher H2Ohio WLEB Program Coordinator 937-492-6520 614-395-6210 Terry.Mescher@agri.ohio.gov
Tim Fulks Engineering Manager 419-429-8325 614-581-3521 Timothy.Fulks@agri.ohio.gov
Tom Holmes Area 2 Program Specialist 614-562-0145 614-562-0145 Thomas.Holmes@agri.ohio.gov