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Suppression Program

If you are interested in having your property treated, please complete the application and return it by the filing deadline of September 1. By completing this application and returning it to us, you are under no obligation at this time.

If there is more than one landowner involved in the application, we ask that a block coordinator be designated and their name appears on the front of the application. Correspondence will be with the block coordinator.

A Landowner Cost Share is associated with this program to offset the cost of administering this aerial spray project. The cost to the landowner is 50% of the cost per acre incurred by ODA for the suppression project in total. If, after the treatment area has been assessed and it qualifies for the suppression treatment program, an invoice will be sent to you showing your cost share for the project.

To qualify for the suppression treatment project you must:

  1. Submit a completed application form with original signatures of all landowners wishing to participate.
  2. Submit a map detailing the boundaries of each landowner’s property, identifying each with the landowner’s name.
  3. The treatment block must:
    1. Be at least 50 contiguous acres.
    2. Be located in one of the 51 quarantined counties
    3. Have a tree canopy that covers at least 50% of the block.
    4. Consist of at least 35% tree species either susceptible or resistant to gypsy moth.
    5. Have an egg mass count of at least 250 egg masses per acre for residential forested areas or 1,000 egg masses per acre for uninhabited forested areas.
    6. Receive a favorable assessment from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

If the block qualifies for treatment, an invoice shall be sent to the landowners showing the total cost share payment due. 

Applicants whose blocks qualify for treatment will be asked to pay a minimum of 50% of the cost of treatment. Payment will need to be made in full prior to treatment. The remaining balance is paid through state and federal funds. State and Federal funding is subject to budget limitations that may cause cuts or cancellation of the program without notice.


  • Application must be submitted by September 1
  • Landowner cost share payment must be received by March 1