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Lawn Sign Guidance

Ohio pesticide regulations require commercial applicators who apply lawn pesticides in municipal corporations or subdivided areas of a township to meet notification requirements and provide application information.

Post one or more signs at conspicuous points, including common access areas, to notify passers-by of lawn-pesticide application for 24 hours. Some of the sign requirements include:

  • The sign shall measure at least five inches by four inches on adjacent sides.
    • Exception: The industry standard lawn flag, i.e., plastic flag rolled around the stake
  • The bottom edge of the sign must be a minimum of fourteen inches from the ground.
  • The sign must be weatherproof for twenty-four hours.
  • The sign shall be in the form and carry the wording and warning symbol illustrated.
    • Exception: The 24hr lawn posting statement can be on the front of the sign.  This information will also serve as part of the customer information requirements.
  • The sign shall be in the same proportion as the wording and warning symbol illustrated herein and in proportion to the actual size of the sign.
    • Exception: Reasonably close proportions are acceptable.
  • No company logos or other advertising graphics may appear on the sign.
  • The signs posted at access points must be within five feet of the access point.
  • The sign shall be placed in plain sight and not be obscured by any other object.
  • No additional information may appear on the reverse side of the sign unless it is identical to the face of the sign.
    • Exception: Firm can write information on the back of the sign, such as: time, date, etc. This information will also serve as part of the customer information requirements.

Full details of the notification requirements for lawn pesticide applicators can be found under OAC 901:5-11-09

Acceptable Examples

Not Acceptable Examples