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Applicator License Renewal

Online license payment is for existing licenses only. New or expired licenses (outside of the 180-day grace period) will need to submit a new license application form and payment by mail.

Renew a Private Applicator license

Eligible for:
Private Pesticide Licenses
expiring 3/31/2023

Renew a Commercial Applicator license

Eligible for:
Commercial Pesticide Licenses
expiring 9/30/2022

Company License Renewal

Online license payment is for existing licenses only. New licenses will need to submit the application form and payment by mail.

Renew Company license(s)

Eligible for the following licenses
expiring 9/30/2022:

* Pesticide Businesses & Registered Locations and associated Commercial Applicator licenses
* Dealers
* Solicitors


Status Search

Check the status of your pesticide license recertification credits

*Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks after the class for those credit hours to appear in search results.

License Verification

Business License Verification

Search for registered pesticide businesses (updated daily)

List of registered pesticide businesses (updated weekly)

Applicator License Verification

Search for licensed pesticide applicators (updated daily)

List of pesticide applicators (updated weekly)

Fertilizer Certificate Verification

List of certified ag fertilizer applicators (updated weekly)


Registered Pesticide Products

Ohio Specialty Crop Registry by Fieldwatch Inc

The Ohio FieldWatch Registries are voluntary crop & apiary mapping programs managed and operated by the non-profit company FieldWatch Inc. The stewardship tools allows for improved communication and collaboration between producers of specialty crops and pesticide applicators using a technology platform where producers can map their sites and provide contact information to pesticide applicators through an online mapping system.