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Licensed Pesticide Applicator List

Searchable list of licensed Commercial and Private Pesticide Applicators in the state of Ohio.

Updated January 17, 2023

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Pesticide License Category Codes:

1: Aerial pest control 4b: Wood preservation 10c: Fumigation
2a: Agronomic pest control 5: Industrial vegetation control 10d: Mosquito, house fly, and other vector control
2b: Horticultural pest control 6a: General ornamental pest control 11: Specialized pest control
2c: Agricultural weed control 6b: Interior plantscape pest control 12: Wood-destroying insect diagnostic inspection
2d: Seed treatment 6c: Ornamental weed control 1p: Grain and cereal crops
2e: Tobacco sucker control 6d: Greenhouse pest control 2p: Forage crops and livestock
2f: Soil fumigation 7: Vertebrate animal control 3p: Fruit and vegetable crops
3a: General aquatic pest control 8: Turf pest control 4p: Nursery and forest crops
3b: Boat antifoulant 9: Animal pest control 5p: Greenhouse crops
3c: Sewer root control 10a: General pest control 6p: Fumigation
4a: General forest pest control 10b: Termite control 7p: Specialty uses