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Pesticide Exams

To get a new pesticide license, or to add a category to an existing license, candidates will need to pass one or more exams.

  • For new licenses, the core exam and at least one category exam must be passed. In addition, the license application and fee must be submitted within one year of the exam date.
    • The exam proctor will provide you with an ID number when you arrive at the appointment. You will need this number to look-up your test results later and will later be used as your license ID.
  • For those with an existing license, once a new category exam is passed it will automatically be added to the license and re-issued.

Exam sessions are offered at no cost around the state throughout the year and are proctored by our inspectors. Seating is limited at these exam sessions, and it is strongly recommended that you register for an appointment to guarantee a seat.

Exams will be graded within 10 business days. Results will be available to check online at that time, and will also be mailed to the candidate. Due to security concerns, we do not provide exam scores over the phone.


After selecting an open exam session you will be asked to select the exams you want to take during that  session. Candidates can only be registered for a maximum of 2 exam sessions at a time, and must have at least 5 business days between sessions. Multiple exams may be taken during a session, if time allows.

You will receive an email confirmation once the appointment is scheduled.


Click here to register for an exam



Testing Policies

  • Preregistration is strongly encouraged due to limited seating.
    • Those wishing to take an exam without preregistering will not have a guaranteed seat. If a seat becomes available then the proctor may allow the person to test, depending on the arrival time and the categories needed.
  • Photo IDs will be required; pencils and calculators will be provided.
  • Candidates can only be registered for a maximum of 2 exam sessions at a time, and must have at least 5 business days between sessions.
    • Multiple exams may be taken during a session, if time allows.
  • If you have scheduled future exams but no longer need it, or cannot attend a scheduled session, please call us as soon as possible to cancel your appointment. This will free up the limited seating for others.
  • Reasonable Accommodation The Ohio Department of Agriculture is committed to providing access and inclusion and reasonable accommodation in its services, activities, programs, and employment opportunities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable laws. To request a reasonable accommodation due to a disability please contact Matt Cochran at matthew.cochran@agri.ohio.gov or 614-593-9959 no later than 14 days before the event.

Exam Details

These exams assess the candidate's knowledge of federal and state pesticide law, integrated pest management, best management practices, pest identification, and the ability to read and understand pesticide labels. All exams are multiple choice, have a passing score of 70%, and are written in English.

 License Category  Description  # of Questions
Commercial Core Exam  Commercial Core  90
Commercial 1  Aerial Pest Control  50
Commercial 2A  Agronomic Pest Control  50
Commercial 2B  Horticulture Pest Control  50
Commercial 2C  Agronomic Weed Control  35
Commercial 2D  Seed Treatment  34
Commercial 2E  Tobacco Suckering Control  20
Commercial 2F  Soil Fumigation  50
Commercial 3A  Aquatic Pest Control  25
Commercial 3B  Boat Antifoulant  30
Commercial 3C  Sewer Root Control  40
Commercial 4A  General Forest Pest Control  35
Commercial 4B  Wood Preservation  50
Commercial 5  Industrial Vegetation Control  50
Commercial 6A  Ornamental Pest Control  50
Commercial 6B   Interior Plant Landscape Pest Control  40
Commercial 6C  Ornamental Weed Control  25
Commercial 6D  Commercial Greenhouse Pest Control  50
Commercial 7  Vertebrate Animal Control  50
Commercial 8  Turf Pest Control  50
Commercial 9  Animal Pest Control  23
Commercial 10A  General Pest Control  150
Commercial 10B  Termite Control  90
Commercial 10C  Fumigation  65
Commercial 10D  Mosquito, Housefly And Other Vector Control  25
Commercial 11  Specialized Pest Control  25
Commercial 12  Wood Destroying Insect Inspection  64
Private Core Exam  Private Core  50
Private 1  Grain And Cereal Crops  50
Private 2  Forage Crops And Livestock  25
Private 3  Fruit And Vegetable Crops  25
Private 4  Nursery And Forest Crops  25
Private 5  Greenhouse Crops  35
Private 6  Fumigation  25
   Agricultural Fertilizer Certification  30

Exam Results

Check your pesticide licensing exam result, using your assigned ID number and the date of the exam. Results may not be available until 10 business days after the exam date.