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Grain, Feed, & Seed

Grain Commodity Handler

Who Needs This License?
  1. Anyone whose annual purchases of agricultural commodities exceeds 30,000 bushels from producers.
  2. Anyone who operates a facility as a bailee for receiving, storing, shipping or conditioning of an agricultural commodity.
  3. Anyone receiving commodities under a delayed price agreement.
  4. Anyone offering marketing functions that exert control over the monetary proceeds of an agricultural commodity.
Licensing Period: Annual, expiration dates vary according to the headquarter county
Annual Fee: $200.00 for the Main Location + $100.00 for each Branch Location + Exam Fees based on total capacity
Requirements: Submit application including the required fees. Provide proof of insurance coverage on grain inventory. Provide annual financial statement meeting requirements of ORC 926 prepared by an Independent CPA on a review or audit level.
Forms Needed: 


Commodity Tester Certificate

Who Needs This License? Any person providing and/or applying quality tests on agricultural commodities.
Licensing Period: 3-Year Certificate (expiration dates stagger by county of residence)
Annual Fee: $25.00
Requirements: Attend approved training course or successfully pass the written test administered by ODA. New applicants must pass the written test before applying.


Feed Registrant

Who Needs This License? Anyone who is manufacturing or labeling any feed product that is consumed by an animal in Ohio.
Licensing Period: Permanent Registration
Annual Fee: $0.00
Requirements: Submit copies of product labels along with the completed registration.


Seed Labeler

Who Needs This License? Any person who sells seed in the State of Ohio as specified in ORC 907.
Licensing Period: January 1 through December 31 annually
Annual Fee: $10.00
Requirements: Application, payment of fee, file semi-annual volume sales report and fees.

Legume Inoculant Applicator

Who Needs This License? Any person applying legume inoculant.
Licensing Period: February 1 through January 31 annually
Annual Fee: $5.00
Requirements: Submit completed application and fee.
Forms Needed: Contact our office for the form.


Legume Inoculant Registration

Who Needs This License? Any legume inoculant or pre-inoculated seed that is distributed within the State of Ohio.
Licensing Period: June 1 through December 31 annually
Annual Fee: $50.00 per brand
Requirements: Submit completed application and annual fee along with product label
Forms Needed: Contact our office for the form.