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Apiary Registration

Who Needs This License? Any person keeping one or more colonies of bees.
Licensing Period: June 1 through May 31 annually
Annual Fee: $5.00 per apiary (yard with one or more bee hives)
Requirements: Complete application for registration annually and submit required fee.
Forms Needed: Registration form


No Consent to Inspection

Who Needs This Form? Any person who does NOT want to have their apiaries inspected. Note: you will NOT be able to sell queens, nucs, or used beekeeping equipment without an inspection. Even if a No Consent Form is submitted, the State may still obtain a search warrant, pursuant to ORC 909.05 and ORC 2933.21(F), to inspect your colony(ies) for harmful pests, if they have cause to believe a serious pest or disease is present.
Requirements: No Consent form must be submitted annually by March 15.
Forms Needed: No Consent form