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Pesticides - Pesticide Business License

Please download and complete the form using the "Download" button to the right.

This form is used for the following four pesticide business types:

Pesticide Businesses

A pesticide business is a person who performs any of the following:

  • The application of pesticides to the property of another for hire;
  • The solicitation to apply pesticides;
  • The conducting of authorized diagnostic inspections.

Businesses which conduct these pesticide business activities must have one of the three following licenses:

  • Pesticide Business License – the most common business license type. These businesses are licensed to conduct any of the three pesticide business activities.
    • Even if a WDI inspection business does not apply pesticides, it is still considered a pesticide business and is required to be licensed.
    • Businesses located outside of Ohio but operating in Ohio also need to be licensed.
    • At least one commercial applicator must be employed for each pesticide business location the owner or operator owns or operates. If you plan to become a licensed applicator yourself, it is recommended to obtain the applicator license before submitting this business license application.
  • Pesticide Business Registered Location License – has the same permissions as the Pesticide Business License, however this license type is used for branch locations operating in Ohio with the same business name as the primary Pesticide Business licensee. Each additional location that is owned by the pesticide business and used for the purpose of engaging in the pesticide business is required to have this license.
    • At least one commercial applicator must be employed for each pesticide business location the owner or operator owns or operates.
  • Pesticide Solicitation License – a business that only solicits to obtain business. This licensee is prohibited from making pesticide applications. A solicitation business contracts with a licensed pesticide business in Ohio to perform the applications. Note: soliciting to do a WDI inspection is not a pesticide business activity and does not need a Pesticide Business License nor a Solicitation License. However, the company that is actually conducting the WDI inspection must have a Pesticide Business License.

Insurance: Pesticide Businesses must have commercial general liability insurance, and additional insurance is required for WDI businesses and aerial applicators. It is recommended that you investigate our insurance options prior to submitting this application and non-refundable license fee.

Pesticide Dealers

A pesticide dealer is any person who distributes restricted-use pesticides or pesticides whose uses or distribution are further restricted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to the ultimate user or to a commercial applicator who is employed by that pesticide dealer. A Restricted-Use Dealer license is required for each location or outlet in Ohio from which the person  distributes pesticides. 

Annual reporting of sales is required to be submitted to our office. Reports of restricted-use sales for the period of July 1 – June 30 are due by July 31. Reminder letters will be sent to all licensees in June of each year.