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Pesticides - Pesticide Business License

Please download and complete the form using the "Download" button to the right.

This form is used for four pesticide business types:

PESTICIDE BUSINESS LICENSE: A pesticide business license is required for a business that applies pesticides to the property of another for hire, or solicits and takes orders to apply pesticides, or conducts diagnostic inspections for WDI in a contemplated real estate transaction. Considered as a Corporate or Parent Company. Proof of insurance is required for this license. This type of business employs at least one Commercial Applicator.

PESTICIDE REGISTERED LOCATION LICENSE: Any additional location or branch operating in Ohio with the same name of a Pesticide Business that operates in Ohio. Must have a Pesticide Business License associated with it and the Certificate of Insurance must also list this location.

PESTICIDE SOLICITATION BUSINESS LICENSE: A company that solicits only to obtain business. This license type is prohibited from making pesticide applications. A solicitation company contracts with a licensed pesticide business in Ohio to perform applications.

RUP DEALER: A person or facility who distributes Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) or pesticides whose use are further restricted by the director to the ultimate user or to a commercial applicator who is employed by the pesticide dealer. A license is required for each location or outlet within the state from which the person distributes pesticides. Yearly reporting of sales is required. Reports of restricted use sales for the period July 1st to June 30th, and are due by July 31st of each year.