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Pesticides - Recertification Program Sponsor Application

Please download and complete the form using the "Download" button to the right.


Recertification Program sponsors must:

  • submit program requests at least 30 day prior to the date of program
  • monitor attendance and proctor ODA Recertification forms
  • collect all completed Recertification forms from attendees
  • return all completed and unused forms to ODA for processing

Training must be conducted at a neutral site (universities/colleges are exempt from this requirement ) and be open to the general public.

The approval of this request designates the sponsor as an approved Program Sponsor of Recertification Continuing Education Programs until or unless it is revoked for cause. Failure to meet the standards, refusal to allow an audit or supply information upon request of the Ohio Department of Agriculture Pesticide Regulation Certification and Training Section or its authorized representative, are cause for revocation.