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Fertilizer - Registration of Specialty Fertilizer

Please download and complete the form using the "Download" button to the right.


Any specialty fertilizer that is distributed within Ohio must be registered with the Department annually, and the current marketplace label be on file with our office in PDF format.


Fill out the application completely – including authorized signature. Registration packets must include the application, payment, and product label(s). Failure to comply with these directives may delay registration of your pesticide product. Once the product registration has been approved, we will send the official Certificate of Registration to the email address provided.

“Specialty fertilizer” means any fertilizer designed, labeled, and distributed for uses other than the production of commercial crops (ORC 905.31(Q))

Name and Address

1.    Registrant Company Name: The name of the registrant which will appear on the product label.

2.    Registrant Site Address: The address of the registrant which will appear on the product label.

4.    Registrant EIN/Federal Tax ID: The IRS-issued EIN of the registrant used to identify business entities. Leave blank if the registrant is located outside the United States.

5.    Registrant ODA Company Number: The Company ID assigned by ODA to existing registrants and can be found on previous Certificates of Registration. Leave the Ohio Company ID blank for "New" companies that do not already exist in our system; we will assign ID numbers for new companies once the products are registered with us.

6.    Agent/Submitter Contact Name: The person who is authorized to answer any questions about your application for registration and receive mailed correspondence.

7.    Agent/Submitter Contact Organization: The company name of the applicant; this should either be the company of the registrant’s authorized agent, or the registrant itself if no agent is used.

8.    Agent/Submitter Mailing Address: All correspondence, renewal notices, etc. will be sent to this address.

Product Registrations
Products are registered based on trade name and guaranteed analysis. Products with differing container sizes, release times, etc, do not need to be registered as separate products, provided the name and analysis are identical to a currently registered product.

Include payment of $50.00 for each product registered. (Example: 10 products at $50.00 ea. = $500.00) Incorrect amounts will delay the registration process. American Express cards are not accepted. Credit card payments may either be mailed or faxed to our office at 614-728-4235. Ohio does not have an online renewal/initial registration website for specialty fertilizer products.

The most current label must be on file with our office; paper copies are not accepted. Revised product labels with minor changes can be submitted to our office without application. Revised products that have a different brand name, or different manufacturer/labeler will need to be registered as new products with an application and payment. Revised product labels can be submitted via email to AGRPestFertProducts@agri.ohio.gov.

Product labels must include:
a.    Net weight of the contents;
b.    Brand and product name;
c.    Name and address of the manufacturer or distributor that appears on the license or registration;
d.    Grade expressed in whole numbers only for all mixed fertilizers except specialty fertilizers;
e.    Guaranteed analysis.

Combo Pesticide/Fertilizer Products
Specialty Fertilizer products also containing one or more pesticides are combination products and must be registered as a specialty fertilizer and separately as a pesticide product using the ODA Pesticide Product Registration form. Although the pesticide registration of a combination product will be verified before the specialty fertilizer registration is processed, it is not necessary to submit the two applications at different times.

Specialty Fertilizer Product Renewals are mailed out in October of each calendar year to the Submitter/Agent Company Mailing address on file.

Sales Tonnage & Inspection Fees

Annual tonnage reports are due for sales between the period of November 1 - October 31, to be filed before November 30. The following should be reported:

  • All fertilizer that the licensee distributes in this state to a person that has not been issued a license;
  • All fertilizer that the licensee applies in this state for purposes of agricultural production and all fertilizer that is applied in this state on behalf of the licensee by an employee or contractor who has an Ohio Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator certificate;
  • All fertilizer that the registrant distributes in this state.

An inspection fee of $0.25 per ton is due with the report, however, this fee does not apply to packaged fertilizers that are in containers of ten pounds or less. There is a late fee of $50 or 10% of the amount due, whichever is greater. For tonnage reports found to be incorrect, a penalty of 15% of the amount due will be assessed. Forms for submitting these reports will be mailed to the licensee with their license renewal form.