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Fertilizer - Non-Ag Custom Mixed Fertilizer License

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Anyone who engages in the business of blending a custom mixed fertilizer for use on lawns, golf courses, recreation areas, or other real property that is not used for agricultural production must either:

  • Register each blended product as a Specialty Fertilizer, or
  • Obtain a Non-Agricultural Custom Mixed Fertilizer Blender license.

If the fertilizer ingredients of the custom mixed fertilizer are registered as specialty fertilizers, then the blend does not have to be registered as a Specialty Fertilizer (ORC 905.33.C.1).

Sales Tonnage & Inspection Fees

Annual tonnage reports are due for sales between the period of November 1 - October 31, to be filed before November 30. The following should be reported:

  • All fertilizer that the licensee distributes in this state to a person that has not been issued a Commercial Fertilizer license;
  • All fertilizer that the licensee applies in this state for purposes of agricultural production and all fertilizer that is applied in this state on behalf of the licensee by an employee or contractor who has an Ohio Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator certificate;
  • All fertilizer that the registrant distributes in this state.

An inspection fee of $0.25 per ton is due with the report, however, this fee does not apply to packaged fertilizers that are in containers of ten pounds or less. There is a late fee of $50 or 10% of the amount due, whichever is greater. For tonnage reports found to be incorrect, a penalty of 15% of the amount due will be assessed. Forms for submitting these reports will be mailed to the licensee with their license renewal form.