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Fertilizer - Registration of Agricultural Additive

Please download and complete the form using the "Download" button to the right.

Any agricultural additive product to be distributed in Ohio must first be registered. The following products are not considered ag additives:

  • any product not intended for agricultural use:
  • fertilizers, pesticides, and fertilizer pesticide mixtures;
  • agricultural liming materials and gypsum;
  • mulches, peat, peat moss, and pine bark;
  • perlite and sand;
  • unmanipulated animal or vegetable manures; or
  • rhizobial inoculants*
    • Please note: pure or mixed cultures of rhizobium bacteria capable of inoculating legume plants are considered to be Legume Inoculants, not Agricultural Additives. Legume inoculants must be registered with the Grain, Feed, and Seed Section.

Please submit copies of labels and verification of research along with completed application & required fees.