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Apiary - No Consent for Inspection

Please download and complete the form using the "Download" button to the right.


The optional "No Consent to Inspection" form denies inspectors access to your apiary locations and will require the Department to obtain a warrant to conduct inspections. The deadline for receiving this No Consent form is March 15, annually.

Even if you submit this form, all your apiaries must still be registered according to the Ohio Revised Code Section 909.02.

If you submit this No Consent form, the sale of queens, nucs, or used beekeeping equipment is prohibited.

Please be advised that, even if a No Consent Form is submitted, the Ohio Department of Agriculture may still obtain a search warrant, pursuant to R.C. 909.05 and R.C. 2933.21(F), to inspect your colony(ies) for harmful pests.