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Registered Specialty Fertilizer Products

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) offers detailed 7-day forecasts as well as an Hourly Weather Forecast, provided by one of the five Forecast Offices covering the state of Ohio. The hourly forecasts include precipitation amount (inches) and potential (%), relative humidity, and wind speed. Users can search and find forecasts for areas such as cities, zip codes, and counties.

Fertilizer Application Resource Monitor

The Fertilizer Application Resource Monitor (FARM) is a web-based tool to retrieve both current and historical weather forecasts for Ohio. FARM allows users to define their locations of interest and receive 12- and 24-hour precipitation forecasts to aid in the application of fertilizer, manure, and/or pesticides. FARM also utilizes a database of historical forecasts allowing users to search previous dates. Users can choose to create an account to track multiple fields, explore statewide conditions in quick-view, and sign-up to receive email alerts. The FARM program was developed by OSU and the State Climate Office of Ohio.

Ohio Applicator Forecast

The Ohio Applicator Forecast is part of a multi-state project to identify weather conditions that could lead to water runoff and the subsequent movement of applied nutrients. The National Weather Service River Forecast Centers, which provide real-time modeling and forecasting of river flow and stage, use precipitation and temperature forecasts to predict snow-melt, soil temperature, and soil moisture. This information can then be compared with field experiments to determine the weather and soil conditions which result in surface runoff. The runoff forecast is grouped into 3 categories: Low, Medium, and High. These forecasts can be used to identify locations or later days when there is a lower risk of surface runoff.

Ohio Nutrient Management Record Keeper

The Ohio Nutrient Management Record Keeper (OnMRK) is a record-keeping tool to track fertilizer and manure applications on a smartphone or tablet. The program uses the device's GPS to keep records for each field location, and automatically retrieve weather forecasts for the location. Users enter other information about the application (type of fertilizer, rates, etc). The OnMRK app was developed by OSU Extension Knox County, Ohio Farm Bureau, and Knox County Soil and Water Conservation District, and is available for Android and Apple devices,