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County Apiary Inspectors

Apart from the State Apiarist, apiaries in Ohio are monitored by county inspectors. These inspectors are appointed and paid by a county, however they submit their inspection reports to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. County appointed inspectors are a crucial component of the current program by providing hands-on interaction with beekeepers through the inspection process. County Apiary Inspectors increase the likelihood that the bees required for pollination are disease and pest free.  

Colonies may be inspected to detect series bee diseases or Africanized honey bees in the state. To help prevent the spread of series diseases and pests: 

Inspection certificates are required for any person rearing queen bees or packaged bees before they can be sold or gifted. Permits are required of anyone selling, gifting or bartering bees, honeycombs, or used equipment.

Contact information for county-appointed inspectors is available here.

The current inspection summary is available here.