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In this page you will find a list of the most common questions and answers related to ODA's Marketing Division. You can also fill out a feedback and/or contact form for further assistance in the help section of the website.

If you produce a food or agricultural product that is at least 50 percent grown, raised or processed in Ohio, you can become an Ohio Proud partner. Ohio Proud will distinguish your products in the crowded marketplace, and increase sales for your company and retailer. For more information and to apply, visit OhioProud.org.


Look for in-store signage; Retailer locally grown programs
Look for the Ohio Proud sticker when shopping at grocery stores and other local retailers
Visit our newly revamped, interactive website Ohioproud.org to search for specific types of products, or for the companies in your community

The Visitor’s Incentive Program (VIP) encourages consumers to visit wineries throughout the state. More than 15,000 people, from more than 34 states including Ohio, have signed up for the program. VIP rewards consumers for visiting the state’s more than 150 participating locations. VIP has awarded thousands of prizes since its creation in 2013. Anyone interested in participating can visit OhioWinesVIP.com to register and begin earning rewards.