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Submitting a Complaint

A person may submit a complaint to the Ohio Department of Agriculture related to a Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility, certified livestock manager, or to a discharge from an animal feeding operation.

When submitting a complaint, the complaint should include the location and a description of the nature of the complaint. After a complaint is received, ODA may conduct an investigation to determine if a Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility or certified livestock manager is in compliance or to determine if a discharge is occurring or has occurred at an animal feeding operation.

Complaints can be made by calling the following phone numbers:

During Business Hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) - (614) 387-0470
After Hours - (800) 282-1955 (ask for DLEP)

Emergencies, Discharges, or Manure Spills

In the event of an emergency, discharge, or manure spill, you should call the ODA at the phone numbers provided above as soon as possible. For any discharge that reaches waters of the state, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency should also be called at the spill hotline number, (800) 282-9378.

More information regarding Discharges and Manure Spills can be found at ODA-DLEP's resource page: Reporting a Discharge or Manure Spill.